Calling @weagle @Lozza @pastemoo @Mrs. Stroller @duckduckkristen @erwoo @LittleK ...I know there are others, too!

Hey, DC/MD/NoVA Bees! Who's up for another get-together? We last met up at Clemyjontri, and the weather is getting warmer again if y'all are up for another park meet-up! We can also think about indoor places, too...the new Children's Museum is open (but it's pricey) and there's also the Playseum in Bethesda. I'm open to anything, just throwing out some suggestions!

I think weekends worked best for most people since a lot of us are WOHMs. I'm including a poll of some upcoming weekends that work for us, but feel free to toss out some other dates, too!