I went to the doctor on Thursday and my suspicions were confirmed, I was likely miscarrying at the end of my fourth/ beginning of my fifth week of pregnancy. At least it was early, and I wasn't as emotionally invested in it, but I still feel so empty right now.

Even though my family has been very supportive, and has never been pushy or aggressive about when we are going to start having a family, I am still fearful about the 'when are you going to start a family' question. Not really from immediate family, but from others. I feel so fragile right now. For others that have gone through this, how have you dealt with this?

Right now the only person in my life that knows about this is DH. We were waiting to tell family over Christmas. I was so excited about Christmas because of this. I'm contemplating telling my mom and sister about the MC, but I'm not sure how, or what it would accomplish. We're not really a very 'open' family. I don't like saying it out loud and right now every time I think about it too much I fall to pieces, but a text seems so crude. I hate putting this knowledge and burden on them, and I don't really want to talk about it, at least not right now, maybe I'll have healed up a little more by Christmas. I guess it would be nice to have someone else who knows to help shield me from anything, or anyone that might cause me to break apart.

Any suggestions from other that have had to go through this would be very welcomed right now.