What are your plans? Are you as excited as I am to have a LO this holiday season?!

The next month is full of fun plans for us! This week is her first Thanksgiving, and of course the traditional day after Tgiving putting up of the holiday decorations!

Early December we are going to Santa's Wonderland, which is a Christmas town + hayride through lights. I can't wait to see her reaction to it!

In late December we are going to San Antonio for our first family vacation, and then a solid week of Xmas activities and family time- Xmas eve with just the 3 of us, Xmas day dinner at BIL/SIL's. Day after Xmas my ILs are coming down, and the weekend after my Dad and Stepmom!

Seriously, I'm stupid excited about this. I love Xmas, and I really can't wait to share my traditions with my daughter!

Anyone else?