Everyday for the past three weeks, my 1 yo LO has woken up around 5 am soaked from a diaper leak. He can't go back to sleep after, so ends up absolutely exhausted because he needs more sleep. Not to mention that DH and I are exhausted. I feel like it shouldn't be so hard, and am desperate for a solution, as it is really affecting all of us negatively.

The only liquids he has after 5 pm is breastfeeding before bed. He is night weaned, so not taking in any liquids over night. What's strange is that it started right around when we night weaned him. The only thing I can figure out is that now that he's night weaned, he's maybe sleeping more on his tummy since I'm not putting him in the crib on his back after a nighttime wakeup. He used to drink SO MUCH at bedtime (bf + large tank up bottle) and like 12 oz overnight, now he's drinking so much less, and yet the solutions that worked before aren't working so I'm mystified. Despite cutting way back on liquids, the diaper is still super full when we change it.

We've tried various combinations of different sizes, styles, etc of diapers. What seems to leak the worst is sonsie pad + diaper + cloth diaper cover. The best I've found is doubling up the pampers baby dry and adding a cloth diaper over that, but it still leaks.

I'm at a loss for what to do next - keep buying different brands of diapers and experimenting? I've been doing this for three weeks, though, and yet to have success. I don't think cutting liquids will work, since the only liquids he is getting between 5pm and waking up soaked at 5am is breastfeeding at bedtime, which I don't want to give up. Is there some way to encourage him to empty his bladder before putting him in the crib for the night? Or could peeing so much at night despite limited liquids be a sign of some health issue I need to talk to the pediatrician about?

Super curious to hear if others have had and solved similar issues...