Ok folks, we have a problem in my house. It is called Netflix and the 4 screens in our front room.

We have a small apt, so DH has his computer in the front with two monitors. Most of the time, I can get DS to play outside with me, but if he isn't outside, he is sitting with Dad watching Netflix while DH browses Reddit or plays games.

I know I married a gamer, but I'm really worried that my kids are all going to be screen addicts with speech delays because no one talks to them when I'm busy!

I know I'm probably overreacting, but we've talked so many times about less screen time and last night DS was up til 11 watching Netflix! And he only went to bed because I got up (waking the cosleeping baby) and told him (and DH) that it was time for bed.

What do I do to cut the screen time other than keeping him outside as long as I can stand it? How do you limit Netflix?