DH's birthday is in early May and he'll be turning 40. We had planned on going on a trip to celebrate but that's obviously off the table right now. I'm trying to brainstorm ideas on how to make his birthday special since it's such a momentous one.

He is not the kind of guy that would like a parade of people driving by the house so that is out. He also wouldn't like a big sign in the yard. One of my friend's husband created a FB page and asked all of her friends to add a video toasting her. He added her to the group the morning on her birthday. The majority of his good friends and family don't live near so I thought this was a good idea to steal. Otherwise, depending on whether any restrictions were lifted, I was thinking of inviting some of our friends over (probably the guys) and setting up a social distancing hang out in our drive way around our fire pit at night.

Any other ideas? I want it to be something more than just us ordering take out, which is what we do every other Friday night.