DH, our two kids and I just got back from a week long trip to see the in laws. We get back there about every year and a half so this was the first trip with LO2 and LO1's second trip. I cannot get over the lack of picture taking. They all have cell phones and take pictures of their food, their hobbies, and the babies but they do not take pictures of anyone over 12. What gives?

It seems so weird to me. I treasure the pictures I have of myself playing with my now deceased grandparents. I'd like to have a record of LOs meeting a great-grandparent. I never got to meet any of mine. I don't take the pictures for my personal satisfaction. I want my LOs to have a record of their visits.

I pull out my camera and always take the pictures I want. Nobody vocalizes an objection but they certainly seem uncomfortable. It makes me feel so awkward. I've asked DH to take some pictures so I'm not the outsider doing it but he refuses.

After each trip everyone seems so happy to have pictures. I'm no photographer and I'm not talking fancy photoshoots. Just a snapshot of grandparents & baby or DH and his sister.

Is this common? If your family takes very very few pictures, why? I get the sense that there's a body consciousness aspect here but I was wondering if there are other reasons I should consider.