I need some suggestions, so I am turning to you wonderful ladies for your expertise! I am expecting baby #3 in July. My two older children will have just turned 4 and 2 when baby arrives. I have always used and loved my Kate Spade diaper bag, but I am worried about having an over the shoulder bag to carry while I am trying to wrangle three kids 4 and under. I am thinking it may be time to shift to a backpack style bag so I have my arms free for child carrying. I should say that right now I am just using my purse, but before I leave my house it is always overflowing with kids water bottles, snacks, hand wipes etc. Basically its constantly trashed, so in reality I should still be using a diaper bag or at least a larger tote style purse, but I have been a slacker.

What back pack brands have you ladies used that you love?

Also, if you have three kids that are all quite little, is the non backpack style diaper bag still working for you?