I've been off my medicines (an anti-depressant, mood stabilizer and an occasional Xanax when needed) since starting TTC (around last February). For the most part, I've done ok without it. I hit rough patches and NOT getting pregnant every month certainly doesn't help. Overall though, I've sort of considered my depression "in remission."

Recently though, I feel sucked back into that dark hole. It's been a very difficult fall and this time of year is always the hardest for me. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist this morning and she's prescribed me a light box. She also talked very seriously about the fact that many women with severe, chronic depression use anti-depressants throughout their pregnancy and their babies are just fine.

Has anyone been on psychiatric medicine while pregnant? I really really don't want to go back on it, but I know I will if I have to. I think I'd rather be med-free during pregnancy and then go back on medication after the (hypothetical because I'm not pregnant yet) baby is born, even if it means giving up breastfeeding. I guess I could just use some support/anecdotes of what worked for moms who have dealt with depression.