So I'm really freaking out right now! Let me try to make it short. So I have pcos and as you know I rarely O. I've tried Femara with no real success. After TTC for over two years I completely gave up about two months ago. No more temping, opks, or meds. I was done being disappointed. So, starting about five days ago I started feeling cramps in my uterus and thought maybe I would be starting AF soon which is a rare event for me. (I can go many months without a period) Anyway, my DH works long hours sometimes out of town. On Friday which happened to be cd30 we BD'd before he went to work. (He works nights) So, last night I was complaining about the discomfort in my uterus while talking on the phone with him and he said maybe I was ovulating. I didn't think so, but he suggested I test anyway. Well plain as day right there it was a super dark positive opk! Now here is my dilemma. This morning I felt a pinch in my right ovary which I suspect was the egg releasing and my husband won't be home until 7:30pm tonight! Today is cd32. Is it possible that I have a good chance even if I missed BD on cd31 and is BD tonight to late? I'm kicking myself for not listening to my body earlier and not BD on cd31. Last time I O'd was back in December 2014 and I'd hate myself if I totally blew my chance.