We've been talking about babies a lot lately with lo1, who'll be 4 in a couple months, because one of her daycare friends just became a big sister. Cue this adorable/awkward question:

"Mama how did [lo2's name] come out of your tummy? Did she come out of your mouth?"

I wasn't expecting that at this age! I kind of giggled (my parents were over, adding to the awkwardness) and then explained that she came out of my vagina, but because I had laughed she then thought I was joking and I had to say "no, really..." which led to saying the word "vagina" in front of my parents way more than I ever wanted to say in my life Luckily she hasn't asked yet how one GETS a baby in her tummy, but I need to have an answered prepared better since she's so curious!

Have you had the(/portions of the) birds and bees talk yet with your kiddos? Did they ask anything hilarious? Were you super awkward?