With my LO, we used a Rock n Play and a swing for her sleep until 12 weeks, and then when we tried to transition to the crib (and out of the swaddle), it all went to hell. The 4 month sleep regression hit soon after and basically we ended up experiencing the worst 2 months of sleep deprivation I could ever have imagined, right when I was transitioning back to work.

I'm determined to try not to repeat my mistakes, so I'm thinking that with LO2, I may try to get him to sleep on a flat surface sooner. My co-worker was describing how they used a Pack and Play from the beginning (no RnP, no swing) and their baby was sleeping through the night at 3 months (mine didn't STTN until 10 months, even after sleep training). Then again, every baby is different, so who knows if their gear had anything to do with it.

Anyway, just curious if anyone switched gear between LOs if they had a rough experience with the first one and how it ended up going. We actually lost both our RnP and swing in a basement flood last year, so we need to buy new gear regardless. I am just not sure what to replace them with, and if it will even make a difference in the end.