I am reaching the point where I'm kind of losing the desire to become pregnant. I'm tired of tracking ovulation and sulking in the tampon aisle. We've made a slew of plans and goals for this year that revolve around a pregnancy and second child, and I find myself growing sick of planning for a hypothetical.

I'm regularly asked when we're giving DD1 a sibling. That she's getting so big, she's no longer a little baby and it's time for another. Well meaning comments that leave me grinding my teeth (ha!). Everyone around me is pregnant and instead of being excited, I am admittedly a bit distant and bitter. I'm over feeling this way around people I really love and am perhaps incorrectly coming to the conclusion that if I make true peace with being one and done, I can crawl out of this rough spot and resume normalcy.

Little things about having another baby are suddenly and strangely losing their novelty and spark. I find myself focusing on the positives of having an only child, and dreaming up plans that don't exactly consider another pregnancy or little one. I have an appt with my OB soon to go over our next steps, and I'm just kind of "meh" about it, when before I was dying for answers and solutions.

Has anyone gone through something similar? Was it a stage and you ultimately resumed trying with determination (and hopefully great success)? Something that stuck with you and altered your family plans, permanently?

I feel this is likely denial talking and I am probably trying to convince myself I am okay being done when I'm just tired of every month being tinged by disappointment. Anyway, I would love to hear about your experience and how things ultimately panned out for you. Thanks!