Do you have more than one easy child?

I know there are "sayings" out there, that if you have a tough pregnancy you will have an easy baby, or a tough pregnancy, easy labour, etc,. Or if your first child was easy, that "tricks" you into having more and the next will be the non-sleeper, poor eater, and by no means "easy".

I had an awful pregnancy with #1, scary 1st tri with mc prior cycle, likely loss of twin around 9w, hcg level drop and massive sch at 12w/weekend in hospital. 2nd and 3rd tri was full of awful family stress including a huge breaking point on whether or not DH and I would continue as a married couple. Won't even add in my work stress. Everything about it was awful, poor kid in the womb heard it all and probably dealt with far too much stress I took on. Aside from early days craziness once she arrived, and finding our way as new parents we were blessed with an awesome kid who has been really easy, really happy with minor exceptions.

I am 11w or so with #2 and of course thinking "we are so in for it" with #2 and beyond because LO #1 was easy. On top of that I have next to no symptoms and realistically wouldn't know I was preggo aside from a few symptomatic moments. I feel like all of this "easy" has me doomed for #2.

DH and I are pretty laid back and fun (but pretty simple, too, lol) when all is normal, all I can hope is that it IS possible to have more than one easy child, because even when it's easy, it's still hard!