MIL mentioned to the DH that since she is selling her house, she has the opportunity to fly out and help with the babies when they arrive (if we want her to).

DH and I thought we would only have a few visitors for a few days. If MIL comes, it might be for a month or two.

It's great that she offered but I think I will need some time to decide. (If her house gets sold, I think that's when we'll have to really decide.)

Pre-baby, I always thought it would be nice to have a good month without visitors so we can bond with 1 baby. Now that we are pregnant with twins, it changes things.

Did you have temporary live-in help? I'm sure it is helpful but was there anything you regretted? MIL and I have had a history of drama in the past so I think that's why I'm hesitant but our relationship is much better now. (Though, I wonder if living across the country from her was part of it.) But I can see us getting on each other's nerves after a week or two.