Charlie came down with jaundice shortly after he was born:

Baby Olive didn't quite come down with jaundice, but she was at risk for it due to her elevated bilirubin numbers.

Jaundice is a pretty racist disease, in that certain minority groups are at higher risk for it (including East Asians apparently). I had hoped that my half-white genetics would protect my children, but my half-Japanese side won out... it combined with Mrs. Bee's 100% Korean genes and attacked both of our kids from the inside.

Jaundice is actually very treatable and manageable, but it's just a bit scary to see your newborn stuck in a plastic box with blue lights all over them. I thought I'd get used to it, but with baby number two it was harder than the first time even. I think part of that, though, is just that baby #2 was so much smaller than baby #1.

Anyway, wondering if anyone else's kids came down with jaundice (or were at risk for it). Jaundice anyone?