My first leave was nothing like this second one. I kept in touch, even did a couple things while I was out.

This second one was totally the opposite. They turned off all my accounts, shut down my email, and deactivated my laptop. This made it really hard to keep in touch during a time of big layoffs and a good portion of my friends leaving for better places. And my new manager only knew me for my title (which isn't overly accurate) so I have been really pigeonholed and honestly feel like I've been phased out coming back to work.

Supposedly, HR claims that they deactivated my accounts so that there wasn't even a chance I would work while out on Short Term Disability as that could nullify my disability claim. Since we don't have real maternity leave, just short term disability, that may be true. But I'm talking to HR on Monday and am going to cite that policy as a big detriment and part of the reason I am looking for other employment.

Have any of you heard or experienced that policy?