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Do you ask about gun ownership?

  1. Mrs D

    grapefruit / 4545 posts

    We live in an area that is probably 50/50 on gun ownership.

    I would say if I am willing to let my child go play at their house without me I have some level of faith in the people as parents and would trust their judgement. No need for a checklist/q&a session of that level before I let my children play there. Chances are I have been in the home myself or know the parents well enough.

    That said - I also like to be friendly with my kids friends and their parents - so I'd also hope that if I did ever engage in a discussion about it (for whatever reason) they would be open and we could have a discussion about it. With no implied judgement on their choices.

    We will teach gun safety and awareness to our girls - which will absolutely include letting a parent know if they ever see a gun. I would have no problem having a discussion with a parent if my girls came home and said they saw a gun at so and so's house.

  2. 2littlepumpkins

    grapefruit / 4455 posts

    @LulaBee: The reason I don't disclose to just anyone isn't because I'm offended. Yes I do think people wondering off while at our house or breaking in is a possibility if we give away too much information even though we don't have some crazy amount of guns- not necessarily from the parent themselves but parents gossip. I also just don't feel like people are entitled to know where anything in my house is, unless I know them well enough. Chances are if their kid can come over so can they, so they could see what their child would see, but beyond saying "yeah we store them safely" (and who is going to say they don't anyway?) I just don't feel compelled to talk about the details. That goes for a lot of questions though. I would if I were someone's paid child care, but for a few hours over? Nah. I don't really foresee having many play dates with kids whose parents I don't know from pre-play date though!

    ETA- I don't want this to sound guns vs anti guns either. It's not. If anything I'd say that as someone whose had to research gun safes.. I'm probably more "snobby" (for lack of better word!) about what I consider acceptable than most, aside from those who just say no to any family willing to admit they have a gun. I just don't see what good comes from this conversation for me personally, either as the asker or the person being asked. There's either a level of comfort there or not.

  3. youboots

    honeydew / 7622 posts

    @agold: Agreed.

    Or properly stored poisons like bleach or detergent. Or child proofing in general.

    My Mom said my sister in pre k handed her a handful of nails.... that she had got by going out her window onto the roof. WTF, Mom? Anyways I'm more worried about good age appropriate supervision.

    Another thought- it's no secret we have guns but I've never had anyone ask me about how we secure them. FYI In a safe with the key to the large safe in a keypad protected smaller safe.


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