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Do you know anyone with secondary infertility?

  1. LittleFox

    kiwi / 673 posts

    Yes. We have family members on both sides who have struggled with this. They eventually did conceive, but with large (10+ year) gaps. I'll be honest, it's something I'm a little nervous about given our family histories.

  2. MrsMccarthy

    honeydew / 7295 posts

    This is a big fear of mine. We conceived our son easily and unexpectedly despite Ning told my AMH was low. I hope it all goes well when we start to try in January. I agree its harder to have no baby at all. I will be devistated if we can't give our son a sibling but I just can't imagine the pain of never getting there. Luckily with todays technology and optipns i see mist women getting there eventually. I wish all of you ladies success!


    pea / 16 posts

    @mrsmate: how was your IUI??...this post is older...did you get a BFP?? is IUI painfull??...i start IUI in Jan 2016...im scared but happy..

  4. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    @KCCC4LIFE: I messaged you on your wall.

  5. mrsmate

    persimmon / 1081 posts

    @KCCC4LIFE: I did get my BFP after our 2nd IUI. DD2 is almost 2! I didn't find it painful at all, although the injectible meds were a pain in the butt. Good luck and let me know if I can answer any questions.


    pea / 16 posts

    @mrsmate: alright...well my Docs are making me beleive that my only issue is the water blockage in my tubes..plus im a smoker so that doesnt help... im trying to cut down on my smoking and do everythig my Doc says as i feel like im desperate to have my own child i can hug and hold and kiss and love up....its gettin to the point where if i see a child with a friend, family member or even on the street I feel sad...i just wish we could have that little family... im very excited to start IUI in January and hope that we have good luck , like most of the ladies iv seen on this post...after 1-2 tries....heck i would be ok with 15 IUI's just so long as at least 1 works

  7. mrsmate

    persimmon / 1081 posts

    @KCCC4LIFE: i know that feeling very well. it can be very difficult to stay positive. luckily i had DD1 to keep me busy , bc you can drive yourself crazy with baby on the brain. i would try to find things to occupy your mind, not just to help conception but also to quit smoking. good luck!


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