Sooo...after dealing infertility and going through IUIs and finally IVF, we got incredibly lucky and my sweet baby girl was conceived. She is now almost 10 months old and my husband and I have just started to talk about when we might pursue treatments again for a second baby. Today, I realized I should be getting my period soon and decided to pull out one of my old cheapie pregnancy tests. You can probably guess what happened....TWO lines. Two lines. Two lines. I've never been so shocked about something. I can't believe this is real. I feel so many different emotions right now. We are absolutely ELATED, but there is also some fear lingering. My first pregnancy was high risk (placenta previa, lots of bleeding episodes, preterm labor, bed rest, preterm emergency c-section, etc.). I am so scared to embrace this and be excited because I feel like conception, pregnancy, and childbirth have all been difficult and actually downright terrifying in the past and aren't to be trusted. I'm just completely shocked, absolutely thrilled- but shocked! I need to talk through this with someone besides my husband but feel like I shouldn't say anything to anyone that knows me. Any words of wisdom, advice, or similar experiences are appreciated!