as I've mentioned before in several posts I am high-risk with IC and have been on bed rest since 16wks with cerclage at 18wks and daily progesterone. today marks 28wk4d and, while I am so greatful to have gotten this far, today I can't shake my feelings of worry..

our weekly cervical checks have shown stability (cervix has been ranging between 1.1 and 1.6cm for over a month now). and almost 2 weeks ago we had a fetal fibronectin test done that came back negative showing that I'd (99% likely) not deliver within 2 weeks of the test. (we go back Wednesday for another test.)

this morning I woke up with some pelvic bone pain, almost like I took a spin class and feel a bit sore when I walk, and before I was having some little dull cramping, but I feel like all that comes with the territory right?

we've already been to l&d twice in the past month and both times things were fine and I was sent home. (I'd live there hooked up to all the monitors if I could for peace of mind..) I don't know if I should call my dr or just try and relax.. (I've never been one to be good at relaxing) and being home on bed rest with nothing to do doesn't help take my mind off the fear.

I know that if, God forbid, she wanted to come now, we'd be ok and she'd make it thru, but I want her to stay in till at least the end of May.. at least. I also know that if, at 16 weeks, my doctor told us we'd make it to 28 I would've taken it in a heartbeat, but I'm just scared. And feel guilty for not giving her a normal time in there, for being sad all the time, for doubting everything. I wish I could be certain that we'd be ok and get farther, prayer helps, but I just don't know how to top myself from worrying.