i've noticed that some people text or email at super random/late times. i've put the "do not disturb" on my phone from the hours of 10 pm - 7 am so i don't get notifications from emails or texts or even calls unless they are on my favorites list or call a bunch.

for texting, i don't usually send it unless it's a time i'd also call or it's a mom friend who i know is awake (earlier). for emailing though, i get them all hours of the night, so if i was up and really wanted to send an email, i'd send it along at whatever time.

i was on a group text where one of the ladies sent a group message after midnight. i didn't get it until the next day because of my do not disturb, but one of the girls was kinda upset to receive a text that late because it woke her up!

do you observe texting/emailing hours? does it bother you when others don't?