Rob Sr. (or Wagon Sr., hehe) had the dads group from our church over last night. One of them hadn't been over in a while, and he mentioned that our place looked different, that our TV was in a different spot before. Our pastor (who comes over relatively often) said "their place is always different! Every time I come here, the furniture has moved!"

I burst out laughing because I realized it's true! Since we moved in about 3.5 years ago, we've probably rearranged the living room 5 or 6 times. It's a totally awkward shape (long, front to back, with a fireplace smack in the middle of the longest wall) so there are many different configurations possible. When RJ started playing with toys, we basically split the room up into the living room and his play area.

We just rearranged our master bedroom and I can't wait to hang out in it every day because I love it so much!! It used to be the room I spent the least amount of time in (other than sleeping) but now I love hanging out in there.

We did the same with our small 1 bedroom condo that we lived in before this place. I constantly changed the setup of both the bedroom and the living/dining room. I think I finally got the perfect configuration down when we finally moved out! But it was good because our realtor took pictures and the setup really maximized the space, and the pictures look great and will be good for renting/selling forever.

I think I'm close (close!!) to the perfect configuration in this place now. I guess that means we will move soon.

Poor Rob Sr. So much manual labor for him. Every time I start mentioning how I want to reconfigure the rooms in our house, his face falls and he starts to shed layers down to his shorts and t-shirt, and starts taking books off shelves and emptying drawers. Haha.

Do you like rearranging your furniture? I feel like doing so is almost as great as moving to a new place, but without having to pack and unpack!! It's like having a whole new room!