Alright folks, we have an old gate leg style table from DH's grandma. I like it, except for the table surface. They're like inch wide strips of wood all the way across. As my toddler has done a number on the edge of the table, I've had to scrub to get it clean and the stain is wearing thin in places and the strips of wood look bad.

Unfortunately, I'm just not at a place in life to sand the table down and refinish it. For a sentimental piece, we aren't treating it well enough. So I want to give it back to people who don't have toddlers and babies and find another table.

I'd love to find a table under $150 ($100 if possible!) that will let us seat 6 people (cozy seating is ok) in my small kitchen. But it needs to be a table that can hold up to avocado smears and yogurt spills.

Got any tips?