Hi! My DD is 2 months and we have been using gDiapers. I thought I would love them, but I'm always either getting leaks around the legs, or the whole diaper feels damp. It may be the fit - DD is long and skinny. I find the pouch and cloth insert are always bunching up between her legs. Since I would need to purchase the next size up to continue using, I'm just not sure I like them enough to spend more money on them.

So I'm considering switching to the Flip diaper system instead. Would love to hear other's experiences with them! I like that I would be able to add extra doublers, etc to customize absorbency bc baby girl is a heavy wetter!

Also I'm trying to figure out the difference between them and BG 4.0. I understand those are pocket style so they are stuffed differently. How does that affect things? More/less/or same absorbency as flips? And also with BG you have to change the entire diaper every time right? So I would need more, and therefore more expensive? If you use Flip, how many covers do you have?