Doctor said if I didn't lose baby weight in the first 6 months postpartum, that I would be at risk for being overweight later in life.

So here I am, two weeks shy of hitting the 6 month mark and have a good 10/15 pounds to go, freaking out!

I'm 5'3", usually 118lbs. At my first doctors visit I was 124lbs, and slowly continued to gain. I gained a LOT, up to almost 180 at my final check-up, yikes! FWIW, I did swell a TON, like I could press a thumbprint into my legs and feet and it would stay there for a few minutes, crazy swelling. I lost 35lbs + within the first three weeks following DS's birth.
Right now I'm 133. I'm walking, exercising - cardio & strength training and doing special stretches/crunches to get my separated abdominals back together. I'm slowly losing... sloooowly. I'm breastfeeding so it's really hard to cut calories or do intense workouts without noticing it in my milk - I'm a low supplier and have been on domperidone.

My best friend thinks my doctor is nuts.

Has anyone else's doctor told them this??