I'm so annoyed although I've ultimately solved the problem (for the nearterm). D's bili levels were elevated in the last labs he got taken at IVIG, which that doc then faxed to his GI team (which he last saw in early June). They were totally unresponsive, I called, left messages, and emailed everyone I had contact info for multiple times over two weeks, asking for them to look at the labs or schedule us for an appt, no response.

I finally sent an email this morning saying that this is my last attempt to contact them and if I don't get a response I'll take D somewhere else. They're supposedly the best (for short gut kids) but I'm sure other groups have good docs too.

Lo and behold I get email responses from two different team members, and four voicemails. They changed his meds based on the labs, asked him to come in for new labs next week, and scheduled him a next appt sooner (it was in Sept, now early August).

I'm glad they're paying attention to me now but seriously, so annoying! If they give me any crap about losing my cool or aoemthing when I see them, I'm done.

Does this happen to you guys? Would you consider leaving a specialized practice for poor communication skills?