Recently my husband has decided that he would like us to check out a new OB, mostly because of how the practice I am going to is set up.

I'm a member of One Medical which is a boutique healthcare practice. It has a prenatal program that works in conjunction with the obstetrics department at UCSF hospital. All of my prenatal appointments are at One Medical, but my ultrasounds take place at UCSF, and I will be delivering there.

I really like my current OB. I think she's great and I feel confident that I am in good care. However, I can get frustrated by how long she takes to get back to me via email or phone, and her beside manner isn't always ideal. That said, I don't worry at all that she's giving me and the baby great care, which is obviously the most important thing.

However, because of how the prenatal program is set up, there is zero chance that my OB will be the one delivering me. She no longer does deliveries at all. This hasn't bothered me at all, but it is now really bothering my husband. He said he doesn't mind that it won't be our actual OB, but he has a problem with the fact that we won't have even met any of the other OBs that may be delivering me.

I'm not against looking into another OB, but I feel like at almost 16 weeks it's a little late in the game to be switching things up. Have any of you switched OBs mid-pregnancy? Do you think it's a red flag to not have met any of the OBs that may actually be the one delivering me?