Sooo I just got back from my first prenantal appt. Hubs came with me, we got there, signed in, waited a bit. Then we were called into the back, I got weighed and gave a urine sample, the nurse too my blood pressure and went over my paperwork.

The dr. came in and did a quick pelvic exam, then I was asked if we had any questions. We didn't (I know, bad of us), so we were sent on our way with three appointments to make (1st U/S, 1st trimester screening, and blood work), with a follow up appt at the OB's office next month.

So, no extensive chat, no "dos and don'ts," none of that. I appreciate that our time wasn't wasted, but I guess I thought more was going to happen during our first visit?

Did anyone else have a similar experience? The dr. didn't even try to listen for a heartbeat because I'm really in the early stages (only 8 weeks). I guess we were hoping to get SOME sort of reassurance that something was in there.