So after stopping for about a week, my spotting has returned, heavier this time. On the weekend it happened after a BM (tmi sorry!). There was a bit of blood in the toilet and when I wiped but stopped pretty immediately and went to a bit of light brown. Then last night wiped bright red again and today still having some more reddish spotting, enough to cover a liner. No cramps. I have my ultrasound booked for Thursday and my doc said nothing else to do at this point until we see what the ultrasound shows. I am so nervous with all this stupid bleeding/spotting. Trying to stay calm but I feel upset every time I see it in the bathroom.

I know no one can say anything to make the outcome any different but would appreciate any positive stories in relation to something similar happening, if you have one. Really hoping things will still work out but it's hard to keep faith after the early ultrasound showed nothing and I've been spotting light and heavier since day 1. Appreciate any support, it's so hard to talk about this with anyone else!