I'm a bit worried. My son is 10.5 months and he responds to his name very intermittently. Sometimes I have to say it several times and he just won't respond. He is usually doing something when this happens. My ped is not concerned at all but I sort of am. He is VERY advanced physically. Already walking super well, crawled early and has always been strong. He can feed himself, smiles freely and anyone and everything. He plays with us. He can't wave and only says three words that he kind of uses randomly . He carries things all around the house includin large objects . He isn't super social with other kids but he doesn't totally ignore them either. He will hand us something if we put our hand out and ask for it. He just started clapping if we say clap or clap. He will bang two objects together and on table tips if we do. He loves to grab faces. Has good eye contact most of the time though he can become very focused on other things. He is super affectionate. Trying not to worry but I know if there is something going on better to catch it early. Wht have your experiences been?