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Does your makeup actually stay on all day?

  1. MsLipGloss

    GOLD / pineapple / 12662 posts

    @yellowbird: It also might be helpful to know that during the week, I don't use liner on my lower lash line . . . only the top! When I do want definition along the lower lash line, I never use actual liner (unless it's in the outermost corner only!), I only use eye shadow, and smudge it up and into the lower lash line.

  2. Blueberry

    apricot / 342 posts

    @Septca: LOL death!! That's exactly how I feel without mascara, blush, and under eye concealer.

    @espion: my makeup doesn't last super super long but I use garnier bb cream and I really like it! It seems to cover very well and lasts longer than what I used to use (bare minerals).


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