I really hope i don't sound like a tool here.

We are staying with my folks, and the husband and i asked my parents if they could watch LO after we put her to bed. She is normally good once she falls asleep, and we were only going to be out for 2 hours tops. Before i left, i gave the video monitor to my mom and told her to wait if she makes a noise, and it is only necessary to go to her if she is crying. If she is crying, please do not go upstairs.

When we got back, my mom told me that LO made a noise so she ran upstairs right away, and then waited by the door. Luckily, she stopped making sounds. But WHY did she ignore my instructions? What if LO continued to fuss (not cry) as part of her self-soothing routine and my mom went in...which would then wake her up, and then she would start screaming when someone other than me is putting her to sleep.

I am very anal when it comes to LO's sleep because we have come such a long way. I am more annoyed by the fact that she ignored my instructions, and feel like she will do what she feels is best.

Do i just need to get this stick out of my butt, and if so, how do i learn to chill? Do you leave instructions for your parents or inlaws, and do they listen to you?