Ever since we moved my daughter (3 years old) from a crib to a bed she gets up and comes to our room. I've tried stickers and other rewards for staying in her bed all night. She got a pony ride for staying in her bed 9 times (it took almost 2 months to earn).

I'm so tired. I'm worried about her waking my 2 year old (who is still in a crib) every time I put her back in her room and she cries. Even though it seems she comes right to my room (which is on a different floor) I wonder about what she could have access to at night without supervision.

Anyone use the door monkey? Did you like it? I'm slightly worried about a fire or something and she won't be able to get out, but then I think she wouldn't really know what to do in a fire anyway at her age and I would be coming to get her.