I need to buy a double stroller. I have a newborn (8wks) and a 2yo currently. My 2yo is petite- 33in, 23lbs (15% for both).

I live in the suburbs so I want a car stroller that is not too heavy and easy to get in/out of the car. I also want a 2nd stroller for walks around the neighborhood (hilly) and trips to disneyland/zoo/etc.

I've gone through previous posts and I'm still conflicted. I THINK i want a Joovy caboose ultralight for the car and a Mountain Buggy Duet. I'm also researching the Austlen and City Select.

Any regrets with the joovy or duet? Will my daughter be comfy in the Duet or will she quickly outgrow it? Does anyone have the carseat attachment for the duet and will it fold with the attachment on?