My son is turning 6 in a few weeks, and he’s informed me he wants to have a dragon party. So far what we’ve got planned: the party is at our house, 10 kids, 1:00pm-3.30pm, and we have a person from a local animal rehabilitation group coming over with some animals (fox, porcupine, etc) - this was all planned before he said he wanted it to be a dragon party. The animal thing should take about an hour. You guys are great at parties, does anybody have any suggestions for some easy dragon themed activities that we can do to fill the rest of the time? Or dragon-y snacks? Because of the time I don’t think we’ll do a meal, just snacks and (ice cream) cake.

I thought about a piñata but I don’t love the scramble for candy. Maybe pin the tail on the dragon? Decorate dragon headbands (different kinds of horns or something?)?