LO (10 months) is an active and big (98th percentile) baby. But he's been slow to take to solids. He's gotten in the habit of taking all his increased caloric needs in the form of a formula top off before bed time. At first it was only an ounce or so to compensate for my slightly lower breastmilk supply in the evening, but now he's taking 8 (!) ounces, in addition to around 4 ounces of breastmilk and a bit of solid food for dinner. We have had more and more trouble, concurrently, with avoiding diaper leaks. And once he's up at night, it can be for an hour or two - he does not go back down easily.

He always gets offered solids first when we get home from daycare, but is not that into it and will hold out for the milk. I've tried sending more food/milk to daycare, but he doesn't take it. I worry a bit that because we combo feed, it's discouraged him to take up solids because he can easily meet his increasing caloric needs with milk (now I think 40+ ounces of bm+formula / day).

Do I take away an ounce at a time from his nighttime bottles and add it to his daycare bottles, or take away the nighttime bottle a bit at a time and hope he will just make it up with solids? I know that food before one is for fun, but he's taking so much milk that I feel like there's scope for him to have more solids. But I don't want to be too impatient and push the issue if it just happens naturally.