LO is 15 months, sleep trained, decent napper. He's been on two naps, but the past week suddenly started screaming bloody murder when he's put in the crib. I've tried changing the time of his nap, pushing it later, doing just one nap, etc. etc. and nothing is working. He is clearly exhausted, falls asleep the second he is in the car and falling asleep drinking before bed I don't know why he's fighting it so hard. He's going down without fuss for bedtime, but only sleeping around 10/10.5 hours at night whereas before he was 11-12.

Did anyone else's 15ish month old go through something similar? Today he just wailed in the crib for an hour without putting his head down for a second, it was terrible. I don't even know what time to put him down anymore because he's showing clear tired signs after only a couple hours awake in the morning... but he also seems find staying awake for several hours once he gets over that tired hump. No idea what to do, appreciate any advice from veteran moms!!!