LO is 3mos old and I don't think I have ever managed to put him down to sleep "drowsy but awake". How do you do it?

He has fallen asleep on his own in the swing sometimes, but otherwise he either has to be walked or nursed to sleep for naps and bedtime. Even in the car he won't fall asleep on his own -- when he starts to get tired and fussy we have to stop and nurse him or walk him and then put him back in the seat sleeping.

Perhaps part of it is that I'm not sure how to identify drowsy. The only cues I've identified (fussing, rubbing eyes) show up after he's already cranky and definitely won't just happily drift off on his own. Are there earlier signs that I'm missing?

If you also had trouble with "drowsy but awake", how and when did your kiddo start going down on their own?