I am not quite sure where this thread belongs so please move this as needed --

I am crazy with worries for my just-turned-2 year old son. I have posted before about my concerns with him on various areas regarding development (mostly language related). Without further ado, here is my latest worries.

My 2-year old has been developing slower than same age children in language. At 2 he is making 2-word association (not 3), has about 100-120 words (I am guessing) mixed in Chinese and English. However, he sounded off on many words even if he was trying to mimic us. I am in the process of talking to Babies Can't Wait/Early Intervention (which husband seems to be not comfortable about all of a sudden so we may stop), but they have already told me we are probably not qualified since he has so many words but would like to observe him for 1 session and see.

I told my friend about this and she said her teenage daughter also has this problem (not pronouncing words clearly) even until now! And her daughter has dyslexia. That association suddenly really frightens me. Would it be possible that that's an early symptom of dyslexia? Not that there is anything wrong with it (some people with dyslexia are insanely smart/gifted in some areas) but I just hate to have a difficult road for LO in life, if you know what I mean.

Another thing that I recently noticed is, he doesn't seem to be able to classify color. While sometimes he could name red and yellow correctly, he is almost always wrong on anything else. In fact, everything to him is yellow. If yellow isn't the correct answer, he'd say red. So I don't know. Today I spent a chunk of time trying to teach him about colors - I drew on a piece of paper with colors red, yellow, green, blue, and black. I pointed at them and repeated the names. Then I asked him what that color is right after I have said it. He still didn't get it right. So I don't know. I am a designer myself so I am a bit freaked out if he is really color blind.

He is normal in other areas, as in, he is great at playing with other children, he has eye contact, he is super humorous. He just talks Martian and couldn't recognize colors. So I am not quite worried he may be autistic. Please advice if I maybe wrong...

I am not sure what I am asking but wonder if anyone is experienced or is knowlegable in these two fields? Most kids can identify color by 2, right? Any possible thing I can do? Any advice? Or is this an underlying symptom to a different condition? Or am I just insane? Just couldn't shake this out of my head lately.