I had a super wonky (and late) period last month. I spotted for 5 whole days before it actually turned into a real period, and then my period was only 4 days. Typically I spot for a couple days and then have a period for about 6-7 days. I counted the first day of regular bleeding as CD1. On CD8 I had all of my normal ovulation symptoms but without any EWCM (well, to the eye at least, I didn't actually dig around and check "up there"). I even had pinching in my lower back on the left side and a bit of spotting (which happens every month around O time).

So far, still no EWCM (just creamy) and no other symptoms that would signal ovulation yet, but its still only CD12, so that could change.

I'm not temping so I can't confirm that it was actually O and not something else.

So to sum it up, the only difference was that I think I ovulated super early and without noticeable CM.

Do you think that last month could have been anovulatory and I just didn't notice, which threw everything off and caused me to ovulate "early" since technically the period I had wouldn't have been a period? Do you think the O symptoms could have been caused by something else? OR did I count the wrong day as CD1, and everything should be adjusted? What is the most likely scenario?

I'm so mad I wasn't temping, otherwise I would probably know! Grrrr....