I am watching my diet and have been doing well in morning and lunch, but dinner is what's really tricky.

Husband had been cooking in the past, but the way he cooks I am pretty sure it is packed with fat and calories, and since LO (now 4) started eating grown up food I want to wean him off of me having to cook separate for him and just cook for the family as a whole. I have been doing a lot of baked chicken wings + brown rice + a veggie and salad, but I want a collection of recipes!

I like baking with my oven, it is simple and delicious. I made a very simple roasted cod with potatoes tonight and I steamed green beans on the side, but the roasted cod and potatoes, although extremely delicious, ended up to be quite greasy (even though it is all olive oil, it is still a lot of calories). Tomorrow I am going to make baked salmon with glass noodles and steamed beans.

I want something very easy and delicious and low carb yet super nutritious. What is your go to oven baked dinner recipes? I know many people sworn by crock pot but I just never liked it. Suggestions please !!

In fact, any low carb oven recipes welcomed .... I was looking for morning muffins and cookie recipes too. I made an oat flour chocolate chip cookie over the weekend for 130 cal @ cookie. Just a bummer that sometimes LO isn't behaving and he doesn't get a cookie and I ended up eating a ton of those. Yikes.