I had my 37 week appt today. We talked about induction because my first two deliveries were "traumatic". Both kids (one natural, one induced) had to be extracted (one vacuum, one forceps) because their hearts stopped tolerating labor. Both were also posterior. The natural labor (40 weeks) got stuck while the induction (smaller at 39 weeks) did not.

Part of me, with my history of scary deliveries, likes the idea of the hospital telling me when to give birth because they aren't busy so there are enough people around should something go south. Also, peds will be evaluating LO immediately because of the potential of a heart defect. So it isn't just the OB and nurses that are needed for this delivery.

But, this is my first pregnancy not followed by MFM. Part of me just wants one last try at a routine-ish delivery. Let him cook for as long as he wants.

What would you do in my shoes?