We have been on a night weaning journey for my 20 month old son for over 3 weeks now. He still wakes up and wails for milk every 2.5-4 hours (4 hours on a really excellent night). During our attempts to night wean he has popped three teeth and is now on his second cold. I was assured that every a few days of no milks over night he would "get it" and then start sleeping through the night. Needless to say that didn't happen. He has a bedtime routine (bath, books, nursing, bed). He falls asleep awake and up until two days ago this was without issue. The last couple of nights he has been resistant to not nursing to sleep but I just let him cry and with a few songs he fell asleep on his own. He sleeps on a floor bed. Here's my question: Anyone have any advice for sleep training a toddler of this age? My husband is ready to sleep up until now I had been really REALLY against it. But I am so so so tired. I don't want to listen to him scream (because he will scream, not cry, scream) for hours if we've missed the boat on sleep training. Please help.