my daughter is just over 13 months and is impossible to put to bed and sleep through the night. we try to get her in bed by 7:15 but without fail it always takes at least an hour with at least 3 attempts of putting her in her crib. She always ends up screaming and fighting it until we pick her back up again. this goes on several times until she either falls asleep in our arms or she settles down enough in her crib and we have to rub her back for like 20 mins. and of course as soon as we lift a hand off her back she wakes up and cries. I'm all for CIO except the few times we've tried it she gets so worked up that she makes herself throw up after about 3-5 minutes. My husband and i agreed to start hardcore sleep training her again tonight, and as i write this he is still up in her room holding her half an hour later as she fusses and her first attempt in the crib was at 7pm.

Has anyone else had a 1 year old that was awful at sleeping that somehow got it fixed? i NEED sleep.

Also worth noting that she did sleep through the night for a few weeks when she was 9 months old, but since then its been a battle at bedtime plus 3 wake ups that take a good hour or two to get her back to sleep. Not ideal when we both have to get up by 6:30am for work everyday. Ugn, I'm SO tired.