The title kind of says it all - we're in that terrible spot of doubt and guilt and not knowing what to do in the sleep department.

Background: Adorable 7 month old. Great sleeper for most of his esteemed baby career, until he hit 5 months and we weaned him from his swaddle. Then it was all middle of the night baby party all the time - two or three nighttime wakeups, with 30 min + of nursing/rocking to get him to go back to bed each time. It was rough over here for that month. Since my husband and I both work, we decided that this miraculous thing we had heard - sleep training - was worth a try.

Overzealous information hoarders we are, we checked out Ferber, Weissbluth, Mindell, Sears from the library. We did some background reading, felt prepared, and devised a plan - letting him cry with comforting checks (a la mindell) at the ferber intervals.

First night was rough - about 45 minutes total of crying, with us checking and picking up and singing a quick song three times. Miracle of miracles, he slept through the night. Second night 30 minutes crying (two checks). Woke once, quick feed and he was back asleep. Third night 45 (two checks). Fourth night 15 (one check). Fifth night 45 (three checks). Sixth night 35 (two checks). Seventh night - tonight - 45. We didn't do any checks tonight.

WHY OH WHY ISN'T IT GETTING BETTER? The crying at the beginning is killing me.

Here are some struggles we are having that we would love advice on:
- it is virtually impossible for me to nurse him without him falling asleep. I'm blowing on his face/tickling his feet/etc - it's rough. All the little dude wants to do is fall asleep. And he gets (rightfully) upset that I am not letting him.
- he is definitely overtired when we are putting him to bed (around 8:30), but when we try earlier (7:30ish), he seems to cry longer since he is used to going to bed later. How do we break that cycle?
- we aren't nap training, but he has suddenly gotten VERY hard to put down for naps (rocking).
- his night sleeping has improved tremendously - he is either sleeping through the night or only waking once and after I feed him he goes quickly back to bed.

Please, throw advice at me. Anything and everything. I feel so terrible when he is hoarse in the morning. He is such a wonderful little guy - all smiles and sunshine - that I hate the idea that he is still crying this much after a week.

Thanks in advance