We are attempting to sleep train our almost 9 month old. It has become near impossible to get her to sleep (I have nursed her up to 2 hours straight to help her to sleep, only to have her wake up screaming the minute I lay her down!), and when we finally do, she wakes up 1-2 hours later, throughout the night. Anyways, I hate this whole process, but my husband is amazing and has been handling the checks while I do bedtime. The problem we are facing now is that baby will get herself to sleep (after a loooooong period of crying - 1.5 hours the first night, 1 hour tonight), but then she falls asleep sitting up, and doesn't know how to lay down. She's been sleeping sitting up, waking up intermittently and crying, for an hour and a half now. Anyone else have experience with this? I feel awful. My husband went in to try and help her lay down, but that just woke her up and she popped up like a jack-in-the-box and just stood up, crying. I feel terrible. Any advice? Thanks in advance!