So I need advice/success stories. LO2 turned 6 months yesterday and her sleep is getting worse. I am ready to move her out of my room but she is waking 3-4 x/night to either nurse or have her paci replaced. I am also still swaddling. I tried to ditch the swaddle a month or so ago to no avail. I keep wanting to sleep train but I WOH and have a toddler so it just seems there is never a good time. I need my sleep to function at work and we are "getting by" as is. BUT in the hope for a better tomorrow, I want to train her! With my son, I mini trained--we ditched swaddle, paci and moved him into his own room cold turkey. I did it on a Friday night and by Sunday night he was sleeping. I've tried this with her but she just isn't having it! Please help me commit to the process. Also, would you ditch swaddle and paci at the same time? Tell me your success stories!