Any tips to keep a preschooler entertained/quiet during a wedding ceremony and other wedding-related events? My brother is getting married later this month, and my husband and I are both in the wedding. My three and a half year old is a flower girl too, and will be with us for a variety of events leading up to the wedding as well. We're leaving our 16 month old with my in-laws for most of the weekend, and just having her join for photos and the cocktail hour of the reception - thank goodness! But my three and a half year old has to make it through two brunches, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and the wedding before we get to that point. I kind of cringe thinking about it.

I'm looking for some quiet ideas to keep her entertained over the course of the weekend. I'm hoping she'll keep her act together while she has to be up at the front of the church as a flower girl, but I'm prepared to sit down with her during the service if I need to. I can let her watch something on the iPad in a pinch for most things, but I don't feel like I can pull that out all the time. And she always pulls the headphones out if she's using them, so I have these nightmares of the Paw Patrol theme song blaring unexpectedly during the vows or toasts.

So far I have some of those invisible imagine ink coloring pads and a bunch of lollipops to bring along with us. I'm hoping that if she has a lollipop in her mouth, she won't be able to talk as loudly.

Any ideas of quiet activities that have kept your kids entertained to make it through stuff like this? When we all agreed to be in the wedding a year ago, I was feeling waaay more optimistic than I'm feeling now!