DS will turn 2 this month. At daycare, he napped from 1-3 like clockwork. On weekends we weren’t super strict about his schedule but when he seemed tired we’d bring him to the bed, rub his back for a couple minutes, and he’d be out for a ~2 hour stretch. (This is also how he goes to bed at night.)

Now we are home 24/7 and he has started refusing his nap. We’ve tried doing what we used to do on weekends - lay down with him for a couple minutes and he’d be out - but he just won’t settle. He tries to get out of the bed, or hides under the covers and acts like it’s playtime. We’ve tried putting him in the crib so he can’t escape, but he screams nonstop. We’ve tried letting him bring a book into the crib for some quiet time, we’ve tried rocking him in the glider...nothing is working and I am at my wits end. He is definitely not ready to skip a daily nap - he’s a total mess by 3:30 or so, and last night he wound up dozing off from 5:00-6:30 because he was just exhausted. It’s making it incredibly hard to WFH - on top of missing the 2 hour block of work during what should be naptime, he needs so much more hands on attention all afternoon because he’s so overtired.

How do we go about establishing a nap routine at home? Thanks for any suggestions!